Sent by Ruben Lhasa | Sun, May 28, 2023

Let’s get you ready to a Titan week. Here are my tips for the week:

I: “Having a Titan vision, and connecting with it on a daily basis, not only through your mind, but also through your soul, will keep you motivated in the present.”

II: “Success is a series of small successful actions. Have a Titan vision. Break it down into smaller actionable goals. Act upon them. Celebrate your small victories. Repeat.”

III: “On your way to the top -whatever that is for you, don’t focus on the fact you are not there yet. Concentrate. Visualize. Believe. Feel. And you will arrive at your top.”

Have a Titan week and thank you for being a subscriber to my Titan Sunday Newsletter.

Ruben Lhasa
Entrepreneur and Global Citizen with an eye out for Humanity. Founder of Titan Planner.

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